OK, another blog from an English person living in France…….

hopefully it will be of interest to some people. I landed here, as do a lot of expats in France due to the work of the other half. Yes, it’s been quite difficult to adapt etc blah de blah….. but there won’t be any moans from me about French bureaucracy, administration, difficulties with the language etc, you should know that it’s not going to be easy before you get here. And why moan? I see it as  a challenge. It certainly isn’t boring! I have so far enjoyed and am continuing to enjoy the French way of life.

The blog is somewhere where I’ll post some hopefully interesting thoughts on current happenings in my world, the music world, political world, book world, travel (since relocating here we’ve travelled all over this beautiful country), anything really. I’ll do a self-check to ensure that middle-age boringness as me and my other half call it is not displayed! I’ll also have a go at reviewing some gigs. I’ve not done this before but I’ll give it a whirl. Before I arrived here I was worried I was going to potentially miss out on my beloved music scene. Being from near Manchester and Liverpool we had always had lots of gigs to go to. There was always a massive choice of bands to see. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We have seen far more bands here. Tonight is the start of a busy 2 months of gigs. Can’t wait!